Editorial Charter

The Journal of Tertiary and Industrial Sciences (JTIS) is a publication medium for Original Research Papers, Case Studies, Short Communication and Technical Reviews done by researchers. Submissions are judged primarily on originality, significance, and breadth of interest. To be accepted, a paper must be judged to be truly outstanding in its field. Contributions should conform to generally accepted practices for scientific papers with respect to organization and style of writing.
The Journal is multidisciplinary, covering a wide range of disciplines. The following areas are currently covered by a member (s) of the Editorial Board:

• Building construction
• Topography
• Woodwork and Wood Processing
• Forestry Techniques
• Agriculture
• Electronics
• Electrotechnics
• Renewable Energy
• Air-conditioning
• Mechanical Engineering
• Fashion Clothing
• Food Technology
• Home Economics
• Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Computer Science
• Information Management and Communication
• Accountancy
• Management
• Marketing
• Economics
• Guidance Councelling
• Law
• Science of Education